Scaling rooftop solar: powering India’s renewable energy transition with households and DISCOMs

Installing rooftop solar panels, or even buying power from a community rooftop solar plant, may make electricity bill payments cheaper, according to a recent study. Households having rooftop solar panels could save up to 95% of their monthly electricity bills, PTI reported quoting a joint study undertaken by the CEEW and power distribution company BYPL. The report found that those residents who, via a subscription plan, buy power from a community rooftop solar PV plant, could also save up to 35% on their monthly power bills. The savings have been estimated over the 25-year lifetime of these systems. The study titled “Scaling Rooftop Solar – Powering India’s Renewable Energy Transition with Households and DISCOMs” was undertaken by the Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW) in collaboration with BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL) in east and central Delhi areas. The study, released at the CEEW Renewable Energy Dialogue 2018, said that it has become imperative to develop innovative business and financial interventions to accelerate its adoption among households given the low rate of deployment of rooftop solar in the residential sector in India.