Report on water quality of river Yamuna Pre and Post Idol Immersion (Durga Puja)

In compliance of Hon’ble Monitoring Committee constituted by Hon’ble NGT in the matter of O.A. 06 of 2012 in the matter of Manoj Mishra Vs Union of India & Ors held on 12.10.2018, CPCB conducted water quality assessment of Upstream and Downstream of 7 Ghats on river Yamuna for pre and post Durga Puja Idol immersion activity on 18.10.2018 and 20.10.2018, respectively. Water quality with respect to physicochemical parameters and heavy metals were assessed. Assessment revealed that before Immersion activity, water quality was not conforming to the Primary Water Quality Criteria for Bathing. Post immersion activity, water quality remained as non-conforming to the criteria; however no significant deterioration in water quality was observed.

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