A second wind for India’s wind energy sector: pathways to achieve 60 GW

This report discusses the issues that impede the development of wind energy in India and undertakes a systematic analysis to propose pathways and interventions to achieve the national target. Wind energy is India’s oldest and best developed renewable energy technology, and needs to achieve a national target of 60 GW of installed capacity by 2022. However, factors such as frequent policy changes, infrastructural unpreparedness, and a lack of consensus among stakeholders have crippled the growth of the sector, thereby jeopardising the possibility of achieving these targets in time. This report presents the current state of the sector in terms of capacity additions and lists policy changes and other factors that have led to the current scenario. It incorporates a detailed assessment of different approaches to achieve the national target. The report also provides various state-specific scenarios and compares them on multiple grounds, highlight the associated challenges for each. It proposes some optimum approaches to achieve the 2022 target.