National Register of Large Dams 2019

Safety of the dams is a very imperative aspect which has to be given priority on an incessant basis for safeguarding the massive national investment and the benefits derived by the nation from the projects. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the existing dams continue to operate as per design, producing benefits to the society in the form of water supply, irrigation, flood control and hydropower. Right after independence, India embarked on construction of several large dams and today India ranks third in terms of the large dams in operation in the world. As of now there are about 5745 dams constructed/under construction in the country. Many of the constructed dams are ageing. In order to have a fair idea about safety aspects of the dams, the inventory of large dams is being maintained by the Central Water Commission (CWC) in the form of the National Register of Large Dams (NRLD). This the latest version of NRLD, 2019.