Catalysing private capital for green investments in India

Climate finance takes its roots in the ever-intensifying debate about the health of our planet and actions being undertaken (or planned) by countries, cities and companies to keep it habitable for future generations. Financing for climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts is a global, complex, political and economic issue. While there is sufficient scientific consensus on climate change, mobilizing finance is key to unlocking action on climate change. In recent years, Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI) has emerged as a key investment trend globally. SRI includes strategies like screening of companies/sectors by their environmental impact; sustainability themed investing such as investing in clean energy or sustainable agriculture for example; and leveraging of one's power as an equity holder to guide corporate business activity or the behavior of investee companies. This report takes the perspective of investors with the objective of capturing the significance of the conflation between green/climate finance and SRI, and to recommend steps for enabling climate finance.

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