Composite Water Management Index 2019

Madhya Pradesh has made its place in the second edition of Composite Water Management Index (CWMI) by NITI Aayog on August 23; report is aimed at strengthening efforts of Jal Shakti Department of Central Government. For the development and maintaining environmental system of Madhya Pradesh and country the need of better scientific management of water is felt and present State Government is active towards achieving it. The Madhya Pradesh Government is sensitive towards the issue and taken step forward towards implementing ‘Right to Water’. The NITI Aayog has released CWMI in which Gujarat topped the list while Andra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu followed Gujarat. The CWMI is first of its kind of joint effort of Jal Shatki Department of Central Government, Rural Development Ministry, all states of collecting data of water.

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