Report on special monitoring of Ambient Air Quality & Noise Levels at Bhopal city during Diwali Festival 2019

With reference to CPCB Head Office letter no A-21016/1/08-Mon/6039 dated September 2nd, 2019 Regional Directorate (Central), Central Pollution Control Board, Bhopal has conducted Ambient Air Quality monitoring in Bhopal city from 20.10.2019 to 04.11.2019 during Diwali for the parameters of PM10, PM2.5, SO2, NO2 and selected heavy metals in PM10 (Pb, N i& As) & PM2.5( Pb, Ni, As, Al, Ba, Fe & Sr). The Ambient Noise Level monitoring performed pre-Diwali on 21.10.2019 and during Diwali on 27.10. 2019 to record the impact of bursting of fire crackers on environment. Intensive Ambient Air Quality and Ambient Noise level monitoring was conducted at selected two locations in the city. Ambient air quality monitored for 24 hours (6:00AM- 6:00AM) whereas ambient noise levels monitored for 6 hours (6:00 PM12:00mid night). Noise level monitoring was carried out by using integrating sound level meters with free-field microphone which meets the accuracy of noise measurement as per IES 804 (BS 6698) grade I or ANSI type I or equivalent IES 61672-1(2002-05) class-I to see the overall impact of bursting of fire crackers on Ambient Noise level. PM10, SO2, NO2 and selected heavy metals in PM10 (Pb, Ni and As) & PM2.5 (Pb, Ni, As, Al, Ba and Fe) monitored during 20.10.2019, 6:00 AM to 04.11.2019, 6:00 AM.