Four years of Emission standard notification for coal-based power plants in India: a status check

As India grapples with the health emergency of high air pollution levels, one of the biggest polluting sectors, coal-based power generation is not making any serious efforts to help improve air quality and pollution levels across the country. Power generation accounts for more than 80% of the industrial SO2 emissions in India and majority of those arise from coal burning because of the heavy dependence of power generation sector on the fuel. Till 2015, India did not have emission regulations for SO2, NOx, Hg and water consumption for coal based power plants, but understanding the contribution of Coal based power generation to ambient air pollution new emission regulations were introduced strengthening the PM standards and formulating standards for other pollutants, which aimed to regulate emissions of PM (Particulate Matter), SO2 (Sulphur Dioxide), NOx (Nitrogen Oxides), Hg (Mercury) and Water consumption.