India’s Wind Potential Atlas at 120m agl

India is blessed with abundant sources of renewable energy and by March 2019 about 77.6 GW RE based capacity has already been installed in the country along with45.4GW of large hydro capacity. Out of total RE capacity wind energy represents a significant share of renewable energy portfolio. Wind energy sector is more than two decades old with manufacturing more than 80% of the components under ‘Make in India’. Wind energy is also water smart electricity sources with the least water consumption. India is not only committed to refine and strengthen the business and regulatory framework governing wind power in India, but also to provide the necessary and reliable information on wind resources across the entire country. The present 120m high potential assessment is carried out in similar lines at a spatial resolution of 500m, using the advanced meso-micro coupled numerical wind flow model with the corroboration from 406 actual measurement sites spread across the country. The indicative wind potential at 120m agl is estimated by excluding unsuitable area / land features. The potential is further stated in terms of CUF and land categories for effective decision making by all stakeholders. The un-exploited potential areas are also covered for better understanding of new potential locations in the country. The sensitivity analysis on the land use pattern and its suitability is also factored into understand the variation on the wind potential estimation