CPCB report on industrial pollution, 14/02/2020

  • 14/02/2020

Consolidated status report in compliance of the National Green Tribunal order dated November 14, 2019 in the matter of O.A. No. 1038/2018, news item published in The Asian Age authored by Sanjay Kaw titled "CPCB to rank industrial units on pollution levels". In response to the NGT order, the CPCB asked all the concerned SPCBs/PCCs to provide information on list of industries prohibited due to non-compliance and details of environmental compensation. The SPCBs were asked to submit the action plans for improving environmental quality including the demarcated boundaries of CPAs/SPAs. Among the 100 PIAs identified for CEPI evaluation, 38 PIAs are categorised as critically polluted areas (CPAs) and 31 PIAs are categorized as severely polluted areas (SPs) located in 20 states/UTs.

Conclusion: As per the data received from 18 SPCBs/PCCs, there are total 3892 non-complying industries/activities out of which 1536 non-complying industries/activities hve been issued closure directions. The incidences of violation by construction activity, stubble burning etc have also been included by few SPCBs in number of non-complying industries/activities. Further 5302 industries/activities have been reported non-complying with environmental standards in last five years and environmental compensation of Rs. 59,285.675 lakhs have been imposed on them.

Note: Report uploaded on March 3, 2020