Question raised in Lok Sabha on inter-linking of rivers, 12/03/2020

The National Perspective Plan (NPP) was prepared by the then Ministry of Irrigation (now Ministry of Jal Shakti) in August 1980 for water resources development through inter basin transfer of water, for transferring water from water surplus basins to water-deficit basins. Under the NPP, the National Water Development Agency (NWDA) has identified 30 links (16 under Peninsular Component and 14under Himalayan Component) for preparation of Feasibility Reports (FRs). The Pre-feasibility reports(PFRs) of all the 30 links have been completed and circulated to party States. The Feasibility Reports (FRs)of 14 links under Peninsular Component and 2 links of Himalayan Component have been prepared. The draft FRs of 7 links under Himalayan Component have also been completed.Under the NPP, four priority links have been identified for preparation of Detailed Project Reports (DPR) under the Peninsular Rivers Component viz; Ken-Betwa link project (KBLP), Damanganga-Pinjal link project, Par-Tapi-Narmada link project and Godavari-Cauvery link project. The DPRs of KBLP, Damanganga-Pinjal link project and Par-Tapi-Narmada link project have been sent to the concerned States.