Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding environmental norms for dairy farms and gaushalas, 20/05/2020

  • 20/05/2020

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Nuggehalli Jayasimha Versus Government of NCT of Delhi dated 20/05/2020 regarding remedial action for compliance of environmental norms by the dairies throughout India.

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) filed a status report on the matter on May 12, 2020 in the light of recommendations of Expert Group recommending issuance of guidelines for Environment Management of Dairy Farms and Gaushalas. In addition, the CPCB also furnished status of inventory of dairy farms and gaushalas. 

The report stated that except Manipur and Delhi, response has been received from 34 States/UTs. 28 States/UTs had provided the details, while six States were in the process. There were 2,73,437 number of dairies in 26 states/UTs and total number of animals in these dairies were 21,34,018. And 2793 dairy colonies/clusters in these 26 States/UTs, the CPCB informed the tribunal.

The CPCB made the following recommendations:

1.The local authorities/corporations should carry out inventory of all the dairy farms and gaushalas located in their jurisdiction. The same should be updated and shared with the concerned SPCB/PCC on annual basis.

2.All the dairy farms and gaushalas should be registered with the local bodies/corporations preferably through online mode.

3.The dairy farms (having animal population of 10 & above animals) and gaushalas should obtain consent to establish and consent to operate under Water Act, 1974 as well as Air Act, 1981 from the concerned SPCBs/PCCs.

4.The local bodies/ SPCBs/ PCCs/ Gram Panchayat in the states/UTs should ensure that dairies and gaushalas operating should follow the "Guidelines for Environmental Management of Dairy Farms and Gaushalas.

The proposed guidelines for waste management in dairy farms and gaushalas include the following aspects: solid waste management,wastewater management, air quality management and sitting policy.

The NGT directed that the proposed guidelines should be finalized and enforced “as per the mandate of the statute which will bind the States PCBs/PCCs”. Compliance would be monitored by the CPCB and there should be a provision for audit compliance once in six months. The guidelines should be finalized and issued by the CPCB within one month. Thereafter compliance reports should be sought from the State PCBs/PCCs within two months. And a consolidated report based on the information received needs to be filed by the CPCB before September 30, 2020.