Brief Report On Impact Of Lockdown Due To COVID-19 Pandemic On Surface Water Quality Of Rajasthan

In order to combat with the threatening spread of COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown in the state of Rajasthan was imposed by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Sh. Ashok Gehlot from 22nd March, 2020 onwards. The major sectors contributing to surface water pollution are industries, domestic sewage, activities at Ghats i.e. community bathing and washing, pilgrim activities, tourism, boating, agriculture runoff and other residential activities. Most of the water bodies are used for domestic water supply, irrigation, industrial, fisheries, boating/tourism and community bathing/washing. Accordingly, to know the impact of lockdown on surface water quality in the state, sampling and analysis of water quality has been carried out in last week of April, 2020 at 45 locations out of which fourteen stations are on rivers, four stations on canals, sixteen stations are on lakes and eleven stations are on dams across the State.