Order of the Supreme Court of India regarding care of COVID-19 patients, 19/06/2020

  • 19/06/2020

Order of the Supreme Court of India in the matter of In Re: The proper treatment of COVID-19 patients and dignified handling of dead bodies in the hospitals dated 19/06/2020.

The SC directed the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, to constitute an expert committee to inspect, supervise and issue necessary directions to all government hospitals, Covid hospitals and other hospitals in NCT of Delhi taking care of Covid patients. The Expert Committees should ensure that at least one visit in each hospital be done weekly.

All the states has been ordered to constitute an expert team of doctors and other experts for inspection, supervision and guidance of government hospitals and other hospitals dedicated to Covid-19. Chief Secretary of each State should ensure that such Committees are immediately constituted, so that they can start their works within a period of seven days.

Further, the Central Government has been entrusted with the task of issuing appropriate guidelines/directions to all the states/Union Territories with regard to prescribing reasonable rates of various Covid related facilities/test etc., which need to be uniformly followed by all concerned.

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