EnviStats India 2020, Vol II: environment accounts

NSO India with the support of the IMG and the technical guidance provided under the EU-funded project, in 2018, released “EnviStats India 2018 – A Supplement on Environment Accounts”. This publication was the first in the series of annual publications of NSO India to ensure that accounts depicting the status of environment are made available in the public domain, to facilitate an understanding of the interdependence between the “factor nature” and the economy. In this publication, the asset accounts in physical terms of four natural resources – forest, land, minerals and water were presented. In the subsequent publication released in 2019, some layers on the quality characteristics were added, namely, soil nutrient index and water quality accounts in respect of surface, ground and sea water. Recognizing the fact that the relationship between the environment and economy is multi-layered, this year’s publication includes not just updates of some of the previously published accounts, like those of Land Cover, but also includes some fresh ecosystem extent and condition accounts and estimates of ecosystem services.