2021 global report on food crises: regional focus on the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) member states

The IGAD region continues to host large populations of IDPs and refugees with limited coping mechanisms and fewer livelihood opportunities, exposing them to disproportionately high levels of acute food insecurity and malnutrition. The need for effective programmes, projects and policies aimed at addressing the region’s food crises cannot be over-emphasised. At the core of this is a need for timely data and information that details who, how many, where and why populations are acutely food insecure or malnourished, as well as how a food crisis is likely to evolve. This regional report provides a comprehensive assessment of acute food insecurity and malnutrition in the IGAD region in 2020. It is a by-product of the Global Report on Food Crises (GRFC) – an initiative of the Global Network against Food Crises, facilitated by the Food Security Information Network (FSIN) and its 16 global and regional partners.