Roundtable Report 2: Wind Repowering

There is a clear technical and resource utilization justification for repowering. Repowering has the potential to increase energy generation by more than six times by using modern wind turbines and throwing in solar power into the mix, thus making the best use of natural resources as well as the power evacuation system. To make optimum use of the best sites available for repowering, it is necessary to design new wind turbines. Given the current repowering market size of around 5 GW and the similar size of the market available on a rolling basis, it requires a longterm policy and roadmap for investment in and design of large-sized wind turbine models and infrastructure improvements. The government should undertake a massive augmentation of transmission facilities. This should encompass repowering projects to meet the target of 140 GW of wind capacity by 2030. It is important to acknowledge that repowering projects are very different from solar and green-field wind and require a fresh thought process immersed in a tailor-made philosophy and not in easily available template.

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