Status report filed by the District Officer, Hamirpur on sand mining at Tikapur village, Hamirpur district, Uttar Pradesh, 30/05/2022

  • 30/05/2022

Status report filed by the District Officer, Hamirpur before the National Green Tribunal (NGT) in the matter of Suresh Kumar Vs State of Uttar Pradesh.

The matter related to mining at khand No 20/7, Tikapur village, Maudaha tehsil, Hamirpur district, Uttar Pradesh.

M/s Ambey Suppliers Private Limited was granted mining lease for the area measuring 24.291 hectares for an annual estimated quantity of 3,88,608 cubic meter sand and morrum (laterite soil) by e-tender cum e-auction process. The mining lease was for a period of five years and the mining operation was done between the period of October 19, 2020 to December 31, 2021.

For the purpose of regulating the mines of sand and morrum in accordance with the Sustainable Sand Mining Management Guidelines 2016, a five member committee was constituted by the District Officer, Hamirpur. The five member committee visited the site of mines, May 18, 2022. They found that in many places on the lease hold area, dumps of black earth along with mixture of sand and morrum has been created by the ex-lease holder and due to this reason deep places have been filled with water.

The committee also noted that the ex-lessee has already deposited Rs. 9,00,000/- as security for the purpose of protective, reclamation and rehabilitation measures as envisaged in the approved mine closure scheme. Notice was also issued to Ambey Suppliers to fully implement the mine closure scheme otherwise the money of Rs. 9,00,000 would be forfeited for implementation of mine closure scheme by using the forfeited amount. The report was in compliance to the NGT order, May 11, 2022.

Note: The report of May 30, 2022 was uploaded to the NGT site, June 15, 2022