Joint Committee report on Triveni Engineering & Industries, village Raninangal, district Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, 16/06/2022

  • 16/06/2022

Joint inspection report of Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd., village Raninangal, tehsil Thakurdwara, district Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh in compliance with the National Green Tribunal order, February 18, 2022 in O.A. No. 279/2021 (Nagendra Singh Vs State of Uttar Pradesh).

The report was prepared by the joint committee of the Central Pollution Control Board and Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board.

The NGT had directed the committee to look into the allegation of air pollution caused by fly ash and bagasse generated in the course of operation of Triveni Raninangal Sugar Mill.

The report informed the court that the Triveni Engineering & Industries, village Raninangal has valid consent to operate and valid authorization issued under the provisions of Hazardous and Other Wastes Rules, 2016 for storage and disposal of hazardous wastes valid up to September 18, 2025. Ambient air quality monitoring result of common stack for particulate matter shows that the unit is compliant. Boiler ash was collected separately with all the precautions to prevent spreading fly ash in the atmosphere. Further, the unit has maintained a proper record of boiler ash generation and its disposal.

Note: The report of June 16, 2022 was uploaded to the NGT site, June 27, 2022