Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding faulty designing of buildings and of ventilation systems, 13/07/2022

  • 13/07/2022

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Raja Singh Vs Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs & Others dated 13/07/2022.

The applicant (Raja Singh) is an architect and his grievance in the application is against faulty designing of certain buildings and of ventilation systems, adversely affecting natural ventilation thereby resulting in excessive and avoidable use of energy and also depriving occupants of natural light and oxygen.

The applicant has sought directions for necessary changes in the building bylaws for appropriate window design, carbon dioxide monitoring and responsible use of split air conditioners. Directions have also been sought to builders to install carbon dioxide meters for ventilation monitoring in all buildings at places where the public can be apprised of the monitoring and to manufacturers of air conditioners to make innovations in the design of split air conditioners to make provisions for outdoor air instead of just recirculated air.

The NGT noted that the application raises substantial questions for the environment - potential for saving energy benefiting the environment and public health. The NGT, has sought response on the subject from the Ministry of Urban Development, MoEF&CC, Ministry of Renewable Energy and the CPCB. A report should be submitted within one month on the matter, the court said.