Multiple indicator survey in India (2020-21): NSS 78th Round

The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) carried out the Multiple Indicator Survey (MIS) covering the entire country in its 78th round. The objectives of the MIS were: To collect information for developing estimates of some important Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) indicators; and To collect information Purchase/Construction of house(s)/ flat(s) by the household for residential purpose after 31.03.2014 and information on Migration. The whole of the Indian Union was surveyed except for some villages of Andaman and Nicobar Islands which were difficult to access. In this survey, Two Stage Stratified Sampling was used, where First Stage Unit (FSU) were villages/sub-units (SUs) in rural areas, Urban Frame Survey (UFS) blocks/SUs in urban areas. The FSUs were allocated to States and UTs in proportion to the population as per Census 2011. The Second Stage Units (SSUs) were households in both rural and urban areas. The selection of FSUs and SSUs were done by Simple Random Sampling without Replacement (SRSWOR).