Report filed by the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board on steps to control dust pollution due to loading and unloading of trucks going to Khadia project, Sonbhadra, 04/03/2023

  • 04/03/2023

Measures are being taken to control the air pollution due to the loading and unloading of coal by vehicles plying on the Hal road of Northern Coalfields Limited (NCL) Khadia project at Shakti Nagar, Sonbhadra. This is adjacent to the rehabilitated village of Chilkadand in violation of environmental norms, creating heavy dust pollution and health hazard to local residents.

The work of construction of approximately 6.61 km long and 10.5 meter wide cement concrete road was found in progress, stated the report filed by the District Administration and Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board. The General Manager, NCL Khadia project informed that the cement concrete road is proposed to be completed by April 2023.

At the time of inspection, it was found that water sprinkling through water tankers has been carried out for suppression of dust.