Roadmap for wildfire resilience: solutions for a paradigm shift

The Roadmap articulates a comprehensive set of policy solutions, establishing the architecture to better organize conversations among partners and policymakers. It also offers a starting point to consider the optimal approach and mix of policies required to advance desired wildfire resilience outcomes. Wildfires are increasing in frequency and intensity in part because of changing climate conditions and decades of fire suppression. Though fire is a natural ecological process in many forest ecosystems, extreme wildfires now pose a growing threat to the nation’s natural resources and communities. The Roadmap makes clear that a paradigm shift requires the need for an all-of-society approach in close coordination with state and local governments, Tribal Nations and partners, in addition to durable and predictable funding at or above current levels. While some problems and solutions may be addressed individually and in the shorter-term, most are intimately connected and require long-term, strategic and cross-sector coordination.