Thirty ninth report (Seventeenth Lok Sabha) on nano-fertilizers for sustainable crop production and maintaining soil health

The Standing Committee on Chemical & Fertilizers in its report on Nano Fertilizers listed the benefits of Nano urea and wanted the govt’s fertilizer PSUs to adopt the nanotechnology-based plants for its multiple benefits to the farmers. The Committee recommended that the Ministry of Fertilizers should allocate a sizable amount for nanotechnology-based research activities through its fertilizer PSUs. The committee, which is headed by Lok Sabha Member Shashi Tharoor, said, “Fertilizer PSUs should be fully supported for work on common research projects along with IFFCO so that they contribute in development of varied Nano fertilizers (both macro and micro nutrient based) and help to achieve self-reliance in the Indian Fertilizer Sector. There are several benefits of Nano fertilizers like they cost less than the subsidized conventional fertilizers. Also, IFFCO field trials have shown that a 500 ml bottle of Nano Urea can replace one 45 Kg. bag of conventional urea and thus can curtail the requirement of the same by at least 50 per cent. The current MRP of IFFCO’s Nano Urea is Rs. 240 per 500 ml bottle which is approx. 10% less than the conventional 45 Kg, underlined the report presented to Lok Sabha on 21st March 2023.