Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board report on brick kilns, 31/03/2023

  • 31/03/2023

Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board report in pursuance of the National Green Tribunal order, November 1, 2022 (Rambharose Tomar Vs State of Uttar Pradesh).

The NGT directed the UPPCB to file a report on the establishment of the brick kilns in the state. The report should carry information on compliance of environmental norms and action taken against the defaulters, the order said.

The UPPCB report said that as per the updated inventory of brick kilns dated March 29, 2023 there are 19718 brick kilns established in the state of Uttar Pradesh out of which 11838 brick kilns have obtained consent to operate (CTO) from the UPPCB and 7880 brick kilns have not obtained valid CTO under the provisions of the Air Act, 1981.

Out of total 7880 defaulter brick kilns, the UPPCB has issued closure orders against 7466 defaulter brick kilns and show cause notice has been issued against 414 defaulter brick kilns under 31 A of Air Act, 1981.