Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding illegal mining at village Ugiyan, Bageshwar, Uttarakhand, 09/05/2023

  • 09/05/2023

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Kailash Singh & Others Vs State of Uttarakhand dated 09/05/2023.

Grievance in the application is against illegal mining at village Sorag, tehsil Kapkot, district Bageshwar. It is stated that in the course of such illegal mining, blasting is also done which affects the safety of the houses in the area, about 4000 standing trees, water course and grazing land.

The NGT vide order dated January 1, 2023 constituted a committee comprising the Uttarakhand Environment Protection and Pollution Control Board, District Magistrate Bageshwar and Divisional Forest Officer, Bageshwar to furnish a factual and action taken report in the matter.

The committee report dated March 17, 2023 admitted that the site of mining is just above Ugiyan village "where there is slope of 45 degree. It is also acknowledged that 4000 trees may be affected by illegal mining and grazing land and storm water drains in the area may also be affected. Mining is being opposed by the villagers having regard to the geographical location and potential for damage.

The NGT after going through the matter said that there is no reason to brush aside the report about potential damage of mining in the area. The court directed that no mining be allowed in the area which may be ensured by the concerned District Magistrate.