Comoros country environmental analysis: investing in natural capital for sustainable development

The Comoros Country Environmental Analysis 2023 aims to identify the main opportunities for the Comoros to better manage its natural capital, achieve its potential sustainably, capitalize on climate co-benefits stemming from the process, and advance the development agenda. This is the first CEA for Comoros and, as such, it constitutes an unprecedented opportunity to open avenues for effective natural resource management, poverty reduction, and the potential to boost socioeconomic development. The development of the CEA was based on a combination of literature review, secondary data analysis, stakeholder interviews, and focus groups conducted in early 2022. The outcomes of the CEA have been validated through a verification workshop with the country’s key stakeholders. Given the lack of data on the natural capital of the Comoros, this CEA seeks to identify opportunities to strengthen the methodological soundness of natural resource management in the Comoros to enable evidence-based decision-making and prioritization of interventions.