Water, sanitation, hygiene, waste and electricity services in health care facilities: progress on the fundamentals - 2023 global report

  • 13/06/2023
  • WHO

WASH in health care facilities is essential for quality care – on this there is universal consensus. Many countries are taking action, but more collaborative, focused and expansive effort and investments are needed. This report focuses on global and national efforts and progress to improve water, sanitation, hygiene (WASH), cleaning and health care waste management in health care facilities. It builds upon the first update of progress published in 2020. In addition, in response to demands from countries and health actors on providing a consolidated package of information and interventions on climate-resilient and sustainable infrastructure services in health care facilities, data on electricity and examples of electrification are included. It includes a summary of country progress in implementing national actions (“practical steps”) articulated in the 2019 World Health Assembly Resolution on WASH in health care facilities, drawing on data from a “country tracker” and provides insights on successful approaches and challenges from country experiences in improving and sustaining WASH in health care facilities.