Renewables 2023 global status report: energy supply

Wide-ranging barriers are preventing renewable energy from contributing effectively to meeting the world’s climate and development goals, according to the Renewables in Energy Supply module, as part of the annual Renewables 2023 Global Status Report (GSR) collection. These barriers include a lack of attention to all energy carriers, a failure to diversify renewable energy technologies beyond wind and solar power, deficiencies in policies, bottlenecks in permitting and grid connections, unequal investment levels in different regions, and continued large investments in fossil fuels. The Renewables in Energy Supply module covers the way final energy is distributed among heat, fuel and electricity, geographies and technologies (bioenergy, geothermal power and heat, heat pumps, hydrogen, hydropower, solar PV, concentrated solar power (CSP), solar thermal heat, ocean power and wind power). Renewables in Energy Supply follows the release of the GSR 2023 Demand Modules, which explored renewable energy use in the key energy consuming sectors of buildings, industry, transport and agriculture.

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