Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding a settlement on the flood plain of river Ganga in Kanpur polluting the river, 28/08/2023

  • 28/08/2023

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Deepak Awasthi Vs State of Uttar Pradesh dated 28/08/2023.

The matter raised in the petition is in respect of illegal settlement of a Sarjupurba colony at downstream of Ranighat on the flood plain of River Ganga in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh and discharge of garbage, polythene, sewage in the river Ganga. In terms of the directions of the Tribunal dated May 17, 2022 the joint committee has filed the report dated August 10, 2022 which called for the Urban Development Department to identify and mark buffer zones around the 100 meter catchment areas. Constructions should be prohibited 100 meter from the river flood bank.

The construction of the Ganga river flood bank/dyke all must be completed by the executive department and authorized agency in a time bound manner as also the incomplete RCC drain around the ghat. There should be proper disposal of solid waste generated from the colony near the Ghata should be done by the authorities in a time bound manner. In addition, there is a need to take sealing action by the authorized department against the illegal new construction located within 100 meters around the river flood zone.

The NGT, August 28, 2023 directed notice to be issued to the Secretary, Urban Development Department, Uttar Pradesh and Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Kanpur for filing response to the above joint inspection report.