Reply by Municipal Corporation, Ludhiana regarding parks and green belts, 31/12/2023

  • 31/12/2023

Reply by Municipal Corporation, Ludhiana in the matter of Council of Engineers & Others Vs State of Punjab & Others dated 31/12/2023.

The NGT, August 7, 2023 had directed the Municipal Corporation, Ludhiana to upload the details regarding all the 892 parks and 20 acres of new green belts and parks developed on its website/district administration website within one month. The corporation was also directed to document survival rate of the plantations made and conduct census of the trees within the municipal area and take appropriate remedial measures for protection of plantation and trees.

In compliance with the directions issued by the NGT, the details of 892 parks with their area and newly built 20 acres green belts have been uploaded on the official website of the Municipal Corporation, Ludhiana. The MC has also provided a telephone number and also a complaint portal for registering complaints against illegal encroachments in the above parks and green belts.

Further, as per the last survey, the total number of trees planted in the Ludhiana city is approximately 225,177 trees and various safeguards are being undertaken for maintenance and upkeep of the plants by installing fences and railings around the area. The survival rate of the trees is approximately 505 - 60%.