Status report by the Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee on N-Choe, 16/01/2024

  • 16/01/2024

Status report by the Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee in the matter of "How garbage is choking N-Choe in Chandigarh" dated 16/01/2024.

An application was filed before the NGT on the basis of a newspaper article on how garbage is choking the N-Choe in the city of Chandigarh. N-Choe is a water drainage channel running through the center of Chandigarh and eventually joins the Ghaggar river. N-Choe is used as a storm water drain as well as for water draining from other unpolluted sources. Therefore, "the assumption that the N-Choe is a seasonal rivulet and should be dry in non-rainy season is incorrect," the report said. N-Choe running through the city of Chandigarh at times is in close proximity to the road, due to which people sometimes throw waste on the banks which could hinder the natural flow of water and affect the quality of water.

The Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee (CPCC) had directed the Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh to take corrective measures to ensure that there is no disposal of waste in the N-Choe. The CPCC had requested the Engineering Department, Chandigarh Administration and Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh to provide an iron net (iron jallis) on these culverts where the Choes are in close proximity to the roads, so that people may not be able to dispose of the solid waste from these points. Similarly, the CPCC highlighted the issue to the Engineering Department, Chandigarh vide letter dated January 3, 2024 that at places where the iron nets have been installed are not found up to the mark and to install the iron nets at all places where it is required to be installed.

During a recent inspection on January 3, 2024, it was again observed that solid waste is being dumped along the bank of Choes. Although iron nets have been provided at some place but due to improper installation or non-installation there are still some places along the Choe where waste is still being dumped unauthorisedly by some unknown persons.

The cleaning and management of the N-Choe falls within the ambit of the engineering department of Chandigarh administration. During the inspection it was also observed that some people had thrown their waste furniture material in the Choe. With respect to discharge of liquid waste in the N-choe it was submitted that earlier there were around 15 points from where waste water was being discharged into N-Choe, which have since been closed and tapped in light of the directions issued by the NGT.