Employment and unemployment situation in India 2007-08

In this round, the scope of the survey on employment and unemployment was enhanced with the collection of information on migration particulars of the households, of the household members and of the out-migrants. In this survey, a nation-wide enquiry was conducted in a moderately large sample of households to provide estimates on various characteristics pertaining to employment and unemployment and migration particulars in India and some characteristics associated with them at the national and state levels. Information on various facets of employment and unemployment and migration in India were collected through a schedule of enquiry (Schedule 10.2). Based on the data collected during the survey period, estimates pertaining to employment-unemployment in India along with various characteristics associated with these have been presented in this report. http://mospi.nic.in/rept%20_%20pubn/ftest.asp?rept_id=531&type=NSSO

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