Study of the exhaust gases from different fuel based vehicles for carbonyls and methane emissions

Air Pollution is caused by a number of pollutants emanated from various sources. Under sound air pollution control strategy the detailed analysis and assessment of all the pollutants having detrimental effects on human health and environment is required. Modern Research and Development (R&D) initiatives lead to addition of new air pollutants which require standards formulation for their regulatory control. Vehicular emissions are one of the predominant sources of carbonyls in the ambient air. Recently Carbonyls consisting of aldehydes and ketones have been identified as precursors of severe secondary pollutants and themselves also are harmful, thus needs detailed study. The Central Pollution Control Board has undertaken a project on, Assessment and characterization of aldehyde, ketone and methane emissions in vehicle exhaust using different fuels with the help of International Centre of Automotive Technology (ICAT) Manesar.
The project envisaged evaluation and characterization of aldehydes, ketones and methane emissions from different vehicle category exhausts using different fuels.

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