BST side effects denied

BST side effects denied Eminent immunologist G p Talwar , firing the latest salvo in the bovine somatotropin (BST) controversy, asserts there are no harmful side-effects to the artificial growth hormone whose use can dramatically increase the milk yield of the country's bovine population.

Talwar maintains BST can increase milk yield by 20 per cent and refuted BST could be dangerous to human and animal health, as suggested mainly by scientists at the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). The assistant animal husbandry commissioner at ICAR, Lal Krishna, had said in explanation of the council's refusal to approve import of BST in commercial quantities, "We cannot allow a new chemical to be imported and used on a large scale, without first verifying its suitability to India."

R S Ludri, divisional head G p Talwar: Clean of the National Dairy growth hormone. Research Institute in Karnal, Haryana, who agrees with Talwar, says his studies show "the product is safe and does not affect the fat, protein, lactose and mineral composition of milk. "

Ludri attributes misinformation" about BST to Western vested interests, who anticipate stiff competition from India if BST is applied on a large scale.

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