More land for landless

More land for landless  madhya Pradesh (mp) government has proposed an amendment in land distribution laws, which will override the authority of gram sabha over common property land. This decision comes at a time, when panchayat institutions are clamouring for more power from the Union government.

The amendment calls for the redistribution of nistar land (common grazing land) among landless Scheduled Caste (sc) farmers. Accordingly, each family member of the farmers would be considered as independent beneficiaries of land. The prevalent law regards the entire family as one unit and allocates land to them as one.

But, many believe that the proposed amendment will create more problems for villagers. "The plan would make a dent on the already limited grazing land for poor villagers and will eventually affect the livestock', says Ashish Mondal of Action for Social Advance-ment (asa), a Dahod based non-governmental organisation working on land issues in Madhya Pradesh. With decrease in grazing land there is also the risk of

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