Tsunami museum in Kerala

Tsunami museum in Kerala  A tsunami museum, the first of its kind in India, has been opened at Alappad village in Kerala's Kollam district. It aims to educate people about the risks of tsunamis and to commemorate those who died on December 26, 2004.

The museum was set up at a cost of Rs 10.40 lakh. It has exhibits explaining how to respond to warnings of tsunamis and how to recognize the signs of impending danger, according to Preetha George, the museum co-ordinator.

Short descriptions of coastal regions, routine village life and pre-tsunami photos of Alappad, which witnessed the maximum number of casualities in the state during the 2004 tsunami, have also been included, she said. There is a special section for children with wall exhibits on what transpired on December 26 and there are accounts of children who survived the disaster.

Two kisoks have also been installed at the museum to provide information about the different changes that take place in the sea before a tsunami.