Manual on hazard resistant construction in India

This manual focuses on construction of hazard resistant masonry buildings as well as restoration and retrofitting of the existing masonry buildings .It has been observed that even RCC construction is also often done in a non-engineered manner. Hence, some basic but critical information is provided on RCC construction also. Since the manual is meant to guide contractors, masons and houseowners, a maximum possible use of visuals including photographs of actual construction has been made with text included where required. The manual is based on various codes and guidelines of Bureau of Indian Standards and is linked to the Vulnerability Atlas made by Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation, GoI. In addition the practical experience of the authors for the past one and a half decades in retrofitting of hundreds of vernacular structures as well as in construction of new houses applying hazard resistant technology with local materials in widely differing regions of the country has provided a sound footing in the preparation of this manual.

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