India energy outlook: end use demand in India to 2020

India energy outlook: end use demand in India to 2020 This study of sectoral energy sector in India provides sector, country and ultimately global analysis of energy use patterns at the level of subsectors and end uses.Finds that electricity consumption is expected to increase fast, driven by the demand of the residential and commercial sectors that add to the already increasing demand from the industry sector.
Integrated economic models have been used to project both baseline and mitigation greenhouse gas emissions scenarios at the country and the global level. Results of these scenarios are typically presented at the sectoral level such as industry, transport, and buildings without further disaggregation. Recently, a keen interest has emerged on constructing bottom up scenarios where technical energy saving potentials can be displayed in detail. Analysts interested in particular technologies and policies, require detailed information to understand specific mitigation options in relation to business-as-usual trends. However, the limit of information available for developing countries often poses a problem. This report focus on analyzing energy use in India in greater detail. A complete picture of energy use with disaggregated levels is drawn to understand how energy is used in India and to offer the possibility to put in perspective the different sources of end use energy consumption. For each sector, drivers of energy and technology are identified. Trends are then analyzed and used to project future growth. Results of this report provide valuable inputs to the elaboration of realistic energy efficiency scenarios.

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