Niral Enem Horo

  • 30/07/2003

Niral Enem Horo You have spent a lifetime struggling for Jharkhand. How does the new state look to you?
This is not the Jharkhand that we fought for. That included 22 districts including those in West Bengal, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh.

What's your stand on the Koel-Karo project?
I led the movement for so many years. I was always clear, we don't want the project. The reason why the dam hasn't come up is that we never negotiated with the government and stayed united. I am a little disappointed with the present leadership of the Koel Karo Jan Sangathan. I read some news story that they are willing to negotiate with the government. They have been working with people from outside. Why are they bringing in anti-dam activists from outside? This is a local issue, our issue. I was approached only once by the district administration and I was categorical in saying that the dam won't come up.

Do you think the dam will come up eventually?
No. It won't.

Why do you think so?
There is no question of thinking. The project won't come up no matter what.