London to impose stricter standards for polluting vehicles

London to impose stricter standards for polluting vehicles  london has decided to impose stricter standards for polluting vehicles. Under the low emission zones (lez) programme coming into effect on February 4, 2008, lorry, bus and other coaches can be penalised if they fail to meet emission regulations.

On May 9, 2007 London mayor Ken Livingstone announced the plan to impose road user charges in the entire greater London area. The city's congestion charging zones (cczs) also fall within the lez. "In a world that has to be increasingly focused on tackling climate change, this move places environmental protection at the top of London's agenda,' said Livingstone.

Designed by Transport for London (TfL), a government body, the emission standards are based upon European emission norms.Studies by TfL had identified the highest polluting vehicles in London which has the worst air pollution rates in the uk.

The system will function round the clock. The charges apply to all private and public vehicles, including old diesel lorries, large vans, mini buses, and specialised vehicles such as motor caravans. Cars, however, are spared from the road use charges within the lez.

Owners of the non-compliant heavy goods vehicles have to pay