Rajasthan state water policy 2010

Rajasthan state water policy 2010 This new water policy for Rajasthan presents the framework for sustainable development and management of water resources in the state. It focuses towards community-level empowerment and responsibility for water management.
The objectives of the state water policy are: to adopt a integrated and multi sectoral approach to the water resources planning, development and management on a sustainable basis taking river basin/sub basin as unit; and the water resources of the state shall be planned developed, managed with a river basin and sub basin as the unit adopting multi sectoral approach and treating surface and sub surface water with unitary approach. See Also Policy: Rajasthan state water policy , 2008 Report: Action plan of SWRPD for water sector Policy: National water policy 2002 Feature: Rajasthan tackles drought Feature: Watered down governance Book: Dying Wisdom Film: Harvest of rain

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