Impact of climate change on water resources availability and crop productivity in Uttar Pradesh

Global food supply will depend on how well agriculture adopts to climate change. The apparent impacts of the global climate change in India include erratic monsoon, high intensity floods, increased frequency of draughts, decreasing crop yields among others. Rapid industrial development, urbanization and the increasing demand for irrigation water to feed the burgeoning population of India are already placing immense pressure on water resources. There is a direct link between the rise in global temperature and damage to eco-systems. About 130 million hectares (mha) land in India is undergoing different levels of degradation, namely water erosion (32.8 mha), wind erosion (10.8 mha), desertification (8.5 mha), waterlogging (8.5 mha). The arid and semi-arid regions of the country are more prone to desertification. Depletion of natural vegetation and cultivation on sand dunes and marginal lands accelerate soil erosion.

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