Millennium Development Goals states of India report 2010

This special edition is a supplement to the last report, which was brought out for the year 2009 in the form of a mid-term statistical appraisal of the country situation towards attaining the MDG targets. This supplementary issue attempts to present the sub-national situation in terms of the State-level estimates for the MDG-indicators for the most recent years as are available from the national surveys, censuses and other official administrative statistics. Presented alongside their benchmark values or quantitative targets according to the MDG norms, the disaggregated measures highlight the spatial variation in the remaining distances from targets to be covered by different States. It needs to be emphasized that the State-level targets or the quantitative benchmarks as worked out in this report with reference to the base-year (1990) - level of the indicators, are in accordance with the MDG norms for achieving the goals and are not therefore, the same as those set for the Five-year and Annual Plans of the States/UTs by the Planning Commission of India or the Planning Departments of the States/UTs.

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