The uncomfortable nexus: water, urbanization and climate change in Jaipur, India

The report is organized into three major sections. A detailed analysis of migration and settlement patterns in Jaipur’s urban and peri-urban areas is discussed first, to provide context to the overall water supply situation. This section concludes with a brief summary of the major implications of migration for Jaipur’s urbanization process with particular focus on the implications for growth in peri-urban areas. The second section focuses heavily on climate change, precipitation downscaling and modeling of current and possible future water supply conditions. The process downscaling climate information is discussed first, followed by the water supply modeling. The chapter covering the water supply modeling also explores potential avenues for building urban water supply resilience. The final chapter pulls together the implications of migration and climate change for the increasingly urbanized region surrounding Jaipur. It identifies knowledge gaps in themes related to Jaipur’s context and global contexts.