Report on eighteenth electric power survey (EPS): Volume-II - draft report of EPS of mega cities

The rapid pace of urbanization and development of infrastructure in big cities is bound to result in the growth of electricity demand by the end of 12th plan and during 13th plan. During the brain storming session and 1st meeting of 18th EPS Committee need was felt to carry out separate EPS of mega cities so as to provide basic input for planning the matching infrastructure for distribution of electricity with developmental plans for other sectors. The electricity consumption in domestic & commercial categories forms sizeable part of electricity consumption in the mega cities. Therefore the availability of the trend of growth of electricity consumption is vital input for fixing the priorities for phased development of infrastructure of the Mega Cities for next 5 to 10 years. The draft report of 18th Electric Power Survey (EPS) (Volume-II) containing EPS of Mega Cities has been prepared based on the input data furnished by concerned State utilities and subsequently modified after considering their views/suggestions.