Urban bus specifications - II

Urban transport has increasingly played a key role in making rapidly growing cities livable and sustainable. Sensitivity to local context and scientific evaluation of available alternatives lies at the core of an efficient public transport system. At the same time, the soft aspects like access to information, experience of journey and customer satisfaction play an important role in attracting and retaining users to the system. A proactive branding and communications plan adds significantly to the system image. As approach the second phase of JnNURM, the Ministry of Urban Development continues to make constant efforts to push the reforms agenda and delivery of urban infrastructure. One such initiative is to revisit the Urban Bus Specifications (introduced in JnNURM – I) to help cities procure and run modern city buses. This document – “Urban Bus Specifications – II” lays out standards for cities to base their choice from a definite set of options for streamlining bus operations. The specifications also include those for buses for BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit Systems) as more and more cities embrace the concept, underpinning the need for standardization.

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