Key indicators of urban slums in India (July 2012 - December 2012)

This “Key Indicators” document presents estimates of some key characteristics of slums such as number of slums, approximate number of households living in the slums, proportion of slums without electricity, proportion of slums without drainage facilities, proportion of slums without a garbage disposal system, proportion of slums with the majority of the households having pucca structure, proportion of slums with tap as major source of drinking water, proportion of slums having a pucca road within the slum, etc.In this document, the survey results are presented for the notified and non notified slum areas in those States/UTs where the number of surveyed slums (notified/non-notified) was 10 or more, provided a minimum of 20 slums (notified + non-notified) had been surveyed in the State/UT.

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