Urban greening guidelines, 2014

Urban greening guidelines, 2014 Urban Greening Guidelines, 2014 is the outcome of blatant and random concretization of pavements in Indian cities. Of late, a number of Urban Development Authorities and Urban Local Bodies have undertaken large scale concretization of pavements which has resulted in destruction of a large number of trees by first rendering those weak and reducing their lives and consequently most of them falling down on account of moderate winds and storms. In 2000, Ministry of Urban Affairs and Employment had published Guidelines for Greening of Urban Areas and Landscaping. Prior to this, in 1980, TCPO had published Guide on Plant Materials for Landscaping in India. While preparing the Urban Greening Guidelines, both the documents have been extensively referred in the context of integrating urban greens in the overall planning and development scenario. The Guidelines suggests steps for protection of trees and enhancing their lives while undertaking concretization of pavements.

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