Water quality issues and challenges in Punjab

This report is a compilation of data gathered from Central Ground Water Board and various participating organizations in Punjab to highlight the prevailing status of water quality and identify the challenges along with possible remedial measures. Rapid population increase coupled with agricultural practices, urbanization and industrialization has brought in many interventions in the State of Punjab. The State was at the forefront of ushering in green revolution to achieve national food security and adopted intensive agricultural practices. The intense agricultural activity has prompted usage of large quantity of fertilizers and pesticides for better crop yield. This has resulted in both ground water and surface water pollution over space and time. Of late, many Organizations and people at large have expressed serious concern about deterioration of water quality in different parts of the State. Water quality problem has posed serious health hazards and people are affected by various water borne diseases. To mitigate this problem, various Central and State departments, R&D institutions are actively engaged in water quality assessment and monitoring. The large volume of data generated by these departments is not available in a single platform for proper dissemination to take up suitable preventive and remedial measures. This has necessitated Central Ground Water Board to make an effort to compile a status report on water quality and its emerging issues incorporating the data contributed by various departments.

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